2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R Review

2008 Kawasaki ZX-10, also known as the Ninja ZX10r, is all about performance, in the streets, or tearing up the runway. 2008 Ninja ZX10r was born on the runway, and the results carefully transferred to a street-legal version, in all of this is around 1000cc motorcycle sport version was fantastic! Not a lot of motorcycles can be taken on the first day of the property and provide a number of these sheer excitement, but the ZX10r really!


Kawasaki, and the technician, used a liquid cooled, dual cam engine of 998cc, in leadership, with four Valves per cylinder, who grows ft-kilo 83.2 torque on 8 700 rpm.Weight is removed from the machine, cut channels in the tub, remove the oil, and also added a lighter crankshaft. Kawasaki added a new secondary fuel injectors that helps add to the high-end performance, as well as the formation of the inlet and exhaust ports. Kawasaki has always been a leader in the ram air induction, and this model has a better system now since the renovation of speed stacks and intake duct, which increase air flow to the engine. Read also Kawasaki Ninja 650


Front brakes dual floating 310 spring have discs with four-piston radial clamp installed. Having a single rear brake disk 220 with aluminum caliper Monopiston. The chassis is double-spar frame which has been redesigned to make it stronger around an oscillating pivot, and oscillator has been engineered with back stabilizers mounted at the top to improve stability at high speeds.


Ninja ZX10r 2008 is world class motorcycle with a legendary racing success story. Kawasaki has not forgotten the history with the green colour of the legendary Kawasaki, Kawasaki rider obligations! Either on the road or on the runway, this bike will make you!