May 27, 2015

Happiness Quickie: 5 Ways to Wake up Happy Tomorrow


Taking a few moments to prepare for tomorrow will help you sleep better, feel on top of your life, and wake up feeling ready to take on a new day. What can you do tonight to make life easier tomorrow? Here are 5 suggestions. 
1. Curate Your Car

Go take 5 minutes to tidy and clean your vehicle – it will be like a breath of fresh air when you hop in it tomorrow morning. 

2. Pick your Palette

Lay out your clothes for tomorrow, right down to the accessories. If you can, do the same thing for the kids. One less thing to do in early hours! 

3. Menu Plan

This one can literally take 30 seconds or 30 minutes. What’s for dinner tomorrow night? Can you prep any snacks? Chop up some fruit? You’ll eat healthier and feel less frazzled at mealtimes with some simple preparation. 

4. Peekaboo 

Before going to bed, peek in at your sleeping little ones. Not just a quick “Yup – he’s breathing,” check. Pause. Drink those tiny resting features in. Your son or daughter will never be this little again. Take a moment to truly absorb and appreciate this tiny little being. 

5. Reflection 

What was one thing that happened today that made you feel really amazing? What could you have done better? What are you thankful for, and who did something to make your day just a tiny bit better? 

There you have it. Choose one, or do them all. Adding a bit of organization and thoughtfulness to your evening routine – or even just the act of trying something new and mindful, will help make sure tomorrow gets off to a happy start.  


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