May 27, 2015

Turn that Day Around…Naturally

Some days just get off to a bad start. The kids are up too early (I mean 5am early). The dog peed on the floor, the 3 year old is refusing to pee at all; the 1 year old wants to be held every instant – and it’s not even 7am. We’ve all been there. Some days need a reset button! If you stay home with your children, it is important to have a moment-to-moment mentality. We don’t have good days or bad days. We have good moments and bad moments. 
Any day can turn around. Going back to basics is a great way to find joy again.  There are some very basic parts of life that are soothing and freeing to the soul, whether you are a parent or child.

  1. Water Play: It doesn’t need to be a trip to the beach. It doesn’t even need to be a trip to the pool. A bathtub full of bubbles, a hose or sprinkler, or a water table will offer water therapy to little ones who may have had a rough start to the day.
  2. Animals: Being near animals and observing other living creatures is inherently good for one’s sense of well-being. Going to the zoo or aquarium can be overwhelming and pricey – why not pay a simple visit to a pet store? 
  3. Great Open Spaces: A big backyard, an open field, a beach, or a forest trail – kids (and adults) feel instantly at peace in a large, open, natural setting. Go explore! Kids might need some motivation to get them going -challenge yours with a simple scavenger hunt or race. 
  4. Music There is something about a great beat that speaks to the soul! It’s easier than ever to stream music so pull up some fun beats to change up the mood of the household.
  5. Movement It’s common knowledge that exercise releases endorphins and it is no different for children. The key? Don’t just sit there and watch! Get up and get active! Physically playing with your children will work wonders for everyone’s headspace.

Just because a day starts off with a tantrum (or 3) doesn’t mean it needs to end that way. Look to the world around you to help break up your regular routine, and get back to basics in your quest for a happy day – or moment. 

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