June 14, 2016

14 Steps Toward Positive Thinking

  This post is written by Happiest Mama guest blogger Lacey, who blogs about small town life, being farmer’s wife, at Small Town Solace. Be sure to check out her blog!  

So you’re looking for unsolicited advice on how to be a more positive thinker? You’ve come to the right place! I believe strongly in at least attempting to stay positive and here’s how I learned to do it!

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. This is the quickest way to become cynical, negative and unhappy, in my opinion. The second you stop looking at what everyone else looks like, owns or does for a career, is the second you can become more positive about your life and your situation.

2. Get yourself back to the basics. The more stuff we have going on the easier it is to become overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Sometimes you need to get your priorities in check and think about what you NEED rather than what you WANT.

3. Love yourself. Pretty self explanatory, but easier said than done; Right?

4. Count your blessings. Instead of focusing on all the things you don’t have or things that have been going wrong. I do this. I think about everything I have been blessed with. Sometimes if you’re going through a particularly rough patch, write your blessings down as you think of them so you can look back on your list and be reminded of the good things.

5. Be content with what you have. Even if you have one thing you’re proud of, remember to be proud of it.

6. Let go of control. This one is hard for me. A lot of times we get into the thought pattern that we can change a situation or improve a situation. Many times we can, but there are some (most) times when we don’t have control over things so we need to make the best of what we’re being handed.

7. Don’t get your hopes up in the first place. Here’s another one that usually gets me. I get my hopes up about someone coming to visit or getting a day off work and then it never happens and I start thinking of all the other times I’ve gotten my hopes up and been let down. It’s a vicious cycle that we might as well not even start.

8. Power down! Get off of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Reading about how “great” everyone’s life is compared to you isn’t helping. Or reading about how “bad” everyone else has it, isn’t helping either. Nothing wrong with healthy doses of these sites but everything in moderation. Get out there and socialize face to face.

9. Go outside and get some fresh air. After you power down, put on your walking shoes and get outside for some sunshine. Hearing birds chirp, seeing kids playing at the park, watching an old couple work in the yard….How could you not feel a little more positive?

10. Set a small goal to boost your confidence. Sometimes when I’m really in a rut, I set a small goal, like clean the kitchen. I know it’s something attainable and that way when I’m finished I feel like I’ve accomplished something and it gives me the confidence to tackle something else.

11. Shed those Negative Nancy friends. Sometimes we have those friends who are constantly down in the dumps. I’m not saying dump your friend, they need a positive role model more than anyone else. I would never dump a friend for that. I’m saying if you’re starting to feel down in the dumps or negative too, take a little break for a day or so and get yourself back in check. Two negative people venting about something will only feed the negativity.

12. Write a Pro list. This is sort of like counting your blessings but instead, when you’re trying to make a decision, just write out the pros. How can you feel negative when you gear your mind only toward what is POSITIVE about a situation?

13. Declutter your favorite space. We all need a retreat. So, pick a space, make sure it’s free of clutter and distraction and soon you’re mind will follow suit.

14. SMILE! Seriously, most of the time it is this easy. Just put a smile on your face. Smile at a stranger. Smile at yourself in the mirror. It’s contagious, even for yourself.

What are some of your tips for thinking more positively? Please share in the comments.

Author’s note: This post was  previously published on her own website So(Lace) in a Small Town on May 24, 2016.

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  1. Great reminders! Going outside and getting fresh air instantly puts me in a better mood!

    Nellwyn | http://www.thecardinalpress.com

  2. Love the tips! Sometimes (as in all the time) you literally have to make a conscience effort to be positive! But one you do it the first time, it gets easier.

  3. These are great tips — thanks for such a helpful post! Negative thinking can often affect us more than we realize.

    Emma | http://www.creativexplorations.com

  4. I love the last one on your list! Putting a smile on your face instantly helps 🙂 No matter how bad the day, it helps.

  5. Learning to love yourself is a bit of a long journey – but it is definitely worth it and absolutely puts you into a positive frame of mind. Great post.

  6. Love all of these! I’d pick one out that really speaks to be, but there are so many! I think letting go of control and counting your blessings are probably my top two. They make such a difference in my thinking. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Awesome tips!!!!

  8. This is a great list! The decluttering step is so important to me. When my space is cluttered so is my brain!


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