June 17, 2016

5 Steps for the Perfect Summer Weekend

I find the best weekends are the ones that develop organically, but a few well laid plans will lay the foundation for a great couple of days! Weekends fill up fast with commitments, lessons, recitals, and events. Having a loose guideline to weave through your free time is a great way to ensure that you make the most out of these valuable summer weekends!


  1. Choose one special meal: I like to keep things simple on the weekend, but it’s nice to prepare a little bit by grocery shopping in advance and doing some light meal planning. Having one item planned out with some “wow” factor will add a novel touch to your weekend – strawberry shortcake, a fun snack, or a fresh pancake recipe are all great ideas! It can be as simple as picking up a new type of ice cream, or surprising your spouse with a new craft beer!
  2. Choose one special outdoor activity: I like to explore neighboring communities – look for nature trails, splash pads, berry picking – something that you don’t normally do. In the summertime, there are always lots of festivals and special events to explore!
  3. Choose one special show or movie: After a long day of playing outside, it’s nice to have something up your sleeve for when the family comes home and is all tuckered out! The sale bin at Target or Walmart usually has great DVDs, or try introducing a favorite from when you were a kid for a special evening in! I’ve been wanting to put on The Last Unicorn for my almost 5 year old but I remember some pretty scary parts!
  4. Choose one productive task you can accomplish as a family: For me, this weekend I’ll be planting the basil plant that came in my CSA and some chives that a friend brought over – hello, herb garden! Start by picking something small that you know you can accomplish, and try growing your productivity each weekend!
  5. Choose one loved one you will connect with: It can be FaceTime with grandparents, visiting an elderly relative, or sending off a care package to a friend. Connecting with loved ones near and far is so very important!


How do you make sure your weekends are well spent? How do you like to connect as a family?

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  1. I like your idea of keeping things simple and fun. Changing just one small thing can make the weekend much more special!

  2. I find myself in these summer months needing this info. Thanks for sharing this so much!!

  3. It’s a hard balance for me … I tend to over-plan and frustrate everyone, or I don’t plan anything and we are all bored or cranky. Seems like simple ideas like this sometimes are the best way to go!

  4. This is such great info! Simple ideas and activities are usually the biggest hits around here too!

  5. These are the greatest tips! Our best weekends are at our cabin where we are relatively disconnected from the rest of the world (i.e. no planned activities, no TV during the day, no errands, etc.). We all just need to learn to slow down!


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