June 8, 2016

6 Reasons to be Happy…When Your Kid is Mid-Tantrum

It’s not always to stay calm and collected when your 3.5 year old is losing it because you used the blue plate instead of the red plate – let alone stay happy.

1. They Feel Confident & Loved |  Your child knows that you love him no matter what, and feels confident enough to express their emotions to you without fear. Having open lines of communication is very important through the years. Be happy that your child feels comfortable and loved in your presence.

2. Their Brains Are Developing | If you suggest that it’s time to play outside, your toddler is basically hard-wired to say “NO! Inside!” They are simply growing, and expressing control over situations. That’s a good thing, right? Be happy that your child is eager to be independent and is developing just the way that they should.

3. It’s an Opportunity to Stay Calm | See how calm and serene you can stay amidst a tumultuous tantrum. You are in control of your emotions, and it’s important that your little ones see you as unruffled. Be proud of yourself and happy that you are able to set this example for your child.

4. It Could be Worse | Yes, tantrums are frustrating, seemingly non-nonsensical and often infuriating – but it could be worse! Your child is lucky that her greatest concern is that her sister grabbed her favorite toy. All of her basic needs are met. Be happy that you have provided these things for your child.

5. Communication Sensation | Your child is learning to communicate effectively – and that’s no easy task! Sometimes a 2-year-old’s efforts at communication are adorable…sometimes, not so much. But know that every step of the way, through tears and laughter, your baby is growing up right before your eyes. Language skills are still in the early stages of development, and understanding this simple fact can help understand your tot’s point of view. Be happy that your child is learning the skills she will need to navigate the world.

6. You’re Being Firm | It probably would have been easier to say yes. But kids crave boundaries. Saying no and holding your ground might result in tears today, but ultimately you are doing your job as a parent to teach them about self-control, appropriateness, or whatever it is that set them off today. Be happy that you are an engaged parent who takes the time and effort to say no when necessary. 

Keeping calm in the face of a storm is a challenge. Keeping happy in the face of a tantrum might seem almost ridiculous, but these little reminders might make weathering today a little easier. 💗

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  1. I. Love. This. And may I say these reasons also apply when your 13.5 year old is losing it because The Shirt is not clean? 😉

  2. Yes! This is such a good list for staying positive and being a good role model for your kids! What’s the worst tantrum you’ve ever experienced? Mine was when my daughter was flailing her arms at Walmart in the checkout line during a very busy day. It was lunch and nap time.

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