June 22, 2016

7 Things to Say (to a Stay at Home Parent) at the End of the Day

Dear partner, We know you’ve been out working hard all day. We appreciate it and love staying home with the kids. We are very blessed and fortunate to get to wipe their sweet runny noses all day long. But, when you say “long commute,” we hear “40 MINUTES OF SWEET ALONE TIME.” When you say “lots of meetings,” we hear I GOT TO TALK TO ADULTS ALL DAY LONG. You get the idea! Here are 7 things to say to your child-rearing partner! 

NOTE: I personally stay home with my kids so this is written from my perspective; but to all you working parents, I know your struggle is so real too! I’m sure most of these apply to you  as well, XO!

  1. “You look beautiful!” We’ve spent the day digging, playing, sweating, cooking, yelling, chasing, cleaning up, cooking again – and that was all by lunch time. Tell us how pretty we look. Please. 

2. “I don’t mind having this for dinner.” It’s usually a miracle that dinner ended up on the table so please – tell us how delicious it smells! And don’t throw it on the floor. K THANKS!

3. “You’re doing a great job.” Being a mom doesn’t come with a quarterly evaluation and there’s no one to give us a pat on the back after a long day. That’s where you come in! 

4.”Yes I want to look at all the pictures from the day!” We’ve been capturing silly smiles, firsts, lasts, adventures, naps, and moments all day long. Take a few minutes to sit back and let us tell you about the day in pictures. In excruciating detail. 

5. “Your hair looks amazing. You definitely do not need to go wash it before tomorrow.” Enough said. 

6. “What can I do help? Why don’t I take the kids outside so you can finish up dinner/rest/do whatever you want?” We need a breather – even if it’s just 3 minutes to go to the bathroom alone! 

7. “Did you hear about….” Talk to me about current events. International politics. Local news. LITERALLY ANYTHING ADULT. Some days, when you come home from work, it’s our first real adult interaction of the day! As riveting as dinosaurs and colors are, my mind craves conversation with you. 

What do you need to hear from your partner at the end of the day?



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  1. Yes, yes, yes to all! Such great encouragement to be found in these simple phrases. #2 is my favorite. 😉 All of this speaks to appreciation, and everyone–especially SAHMs–needs to feel appreciated. Thanks for sharing your words and heart!

  2. I’d love to add thank you to the list! Even if it’s the stay at home parent’s responsibility to do the majority of the housework, getting a thank you is a great way to show appreciation.

  3. I so admire stay at home parents! I don’t know if I could handle it!

    Nellwyn | http://www.thecardinalpress.com

  4. This si such a fun post, and I totally agree! For me #6 and #7 ESPECIALLY! I mean, I know my husband has hard, long days too, but even he has told me, “it’s a different hard from what you do all day”. Amen.

  5. My husband has learned that I need a few minutes of peace when he gets homes. He’s tired too, but he’ll come in and say, “if you need to check out, go ahead” music to my ears!

  6. This is SO on point! I stay at home and even though my children are preteen/teen now, it still feels like it is never ending! I have to share this with all of my stay at home moms!


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