June 2, 2016

Happiness Quickie: 3 Things to Try Today

Do you need to press the reset button on the day? Here are 3 quick techniques to help you turn a stressy morning or unpleasant day around. I’ve kept it sweet and simple because who has time to sit down and read?

  1. image1-9Visualization: Imagine yourself being calm, kind, understanding, and easy-going.Imagine a happy day with your children. Use visualization to re-set your day.
  2. Let It Go: My 4 year old picked up his juice by the lid today and it spilled all over the kitchen (literally -it somehow hit the floor, the chair, the cushion, the table, the table leg, and the table cloth). I don’t get mat at spills as a general policy. But I did get frustrated when he threw a fit about not wanting to change his sticky wet shorts. Deep breath. I decided to take a page from Frozen and just Let. It. Go.
  3. Tell a joke. Here’s one that sure to make your kiddo smile.  What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A DINO-SNORE! Keeping things light can reset the morning.

How do you turn a stressful day around?

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  1. Yes to let it go! It’s so easy to hold onto things and get frustrated by them!

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