June 16, 2016

Syrup Strategy

I am the type of mom that feels guilt about my kids having too much sugar, so I always make or buy whole grain breakfast foods (I love the Van’s frozen waffles with protein). Then, I never want to put too much syrup – and I’m a Canadian girl at heart so really maple syrup is the only way we fly at my house. I won’t be including a hearty pancake recipe here, so if you’re looking for something more pinteresty, keep hunting. This, my friend, is far more complex. See chart below:


Naturally,  I don’t want their delicious whole grain pancakes swimming in syrup but there’s always the whining for more syrup, which drives me wild. I have therefore cultivated a complex maneuvering for applying the sweet stuff, and, today is your lucky day because I am going to share with you my Syrup Strategy in this:





Step 1: Always cut French Toast, Pancake or Waffle before applying syrup. Otherwise, the syrup may be absorbed before your child begins eating, resulting in the demand for additional syrup.

Step 2: Make sure your toddler witnesses the application of syrup.

Step 3: Ensure that a good amount of your pour ends up on the plate so they can see that the breakfast delicacy is, in fact, swimming in syrup.

Step 4: As you pour, exclaim “Oops! A lot came out! I hope you don’t mind having TOO MUCH SYRUP!”

Step 5: Indulge their sweet tooth later in the day, when it’s convenient for you – comfortable in the fact that you carefully calculated and controlled their syrup intake that morning.

And there you have it, dear happy mamas – a solid strategy for maintaining control of your home’s syrup situation.



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  1. SO FUNNY! I love the exclaiming step the most–that could work on a lot of different things! “Oh! I’m so sorry for giving you such a large scoop of that broccoli. You know… you’re getting bigger now. I bet you can eat almost as much broccoli as daddy does!” 😉

  2. Funny! Yes, it is definitely key to make sure there is a lot on the plate they can see! My kids love powdered sugar on their pancakes -it was a past effort of mine to avoid syrup. However, I now feel like it actually makes more of a mess than syrup would! Powdered sugar gets everywhere!

  3. I like your idea here! Cutting it up beforehand helps make it look like syrup is all over. Also, totally important not to pour it ahead of time!

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