June 8, 2016

What to Bring a Friend who Just had a C-Section

C-Section Gift List

If your friend, sister, or colleague delivers her baby by Caesarian, you may wish to bring her a special gift. If it was planned, she likely researched what she would need in advance. However, if it was an emergency, she is likely in for a longer recovery and hospital stay than anticipated. Wondering what to bring a friend who just had a c-section? I’ve got it all laid out for you below.

I am a proud c-section mama! I’ll spare you the details, but my first was a shock to me; complicated and unplanned at 3am – and then babies 2 & 3 were planned with the utmost precision. People often ask me what to do to help a friend who just had an unexpected c-section. Perhaps, like me, she skipped that section in her birthing books, assuming it would never happen to her! Many births do not go as planned, but having an unplanned c-section can certainly be a shock to both body and mind. Or, maybe she knew it was going to be a c-section and you would like to help her out but aren’t sure how.


Wondering what to bring your friend who just underwent majors abdominal surgery to bring her child into this world? Here are a few ideas:

If you visit while she’s in hospital:

  1. An extra long iPhone cord. She won’t be able to hop out of bed so having a cord that reaches her in her hospital bed will be very much appreciated!
  2. Some big ol’ granny panties – she’ll want to wear something that goes over and protects her new warrior scar!
  3. A post-partum support belt  – she’ll find the pressure helps things feel much more comfortable
  4. Some cute night shirts (choose breastfeeding friendly ones if she’s nursing)
  5. If she is planning to nurse, some lactation cookies and coconut water will be nice to have on hand in the hospital as well as at home!
  6. She’ll likely be there for a few more days than she originally planned. Come bearing lipgloss, some nice-smelling toiletries (I love the little Burt’s Bees kits!), and a pair of fuzzy warm socks or slippers.
  7. The biggest cup you can find for water! Did you know that c-sections make you crazy bloated? She’ll need to spend the next couple of weeks drinking lots of water, and since getting up and down is a chore, a large cup will be very useful!
  8. Some DVDs to watch in the hospital while she snuggles that sweet newborn!
  9. A home cooked meal – hospital food gets old, fast!
  10. WINE!

If you visit once she’s home:

  1. Meals, meals, meals.
  2. A binder full of take-out menus from local eateries
  3. A gift basket with some nice smelling lotions -if you’re close friends, you could include a healing ointment for her scar – Earth Mama makes a great one.
  4. If she has other kids, bring some special little activity books or toys for her other children! She will want to keep them as busy as possible those first few weeks and something as simple as stickers can really help her have something up her sleeve!
  5. Better yet – offer to take the older siblings to the park
  6. A gift certificate to a local house cleaning service
  7. Flowers – but be sure to bring them in a vase or as a potted plant so she doesn’t have to lift a finger
  8. Household necessities like toilet paper, dish soap and paper towel. Practical? Yes. Appreciated when it means she doesn’t have to do a run? Definitely.
  9. Offer to hold the baby while she showers, and ask if there is anything you can do to help things run smoothly while she recovers. She won’t be able to drive for a while so she may need someone to help in that department.
  10. WINE

Of course, a little something for baby is always fun to ooh and ahh over, but sometimes it’s the mama that needs a little extra TLC!

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  1. This is such a great post! I myself am a proud 3x c-section mama…just like you, my second two were planned but my first was a last minute emergency and a shock. My favorite item on this list is the extra long phone cord…brilliant! My mom got me once I was home, but it would have been great in the hospital!

  2. I never thought of bringing toiletries – just food and wine, but that’s a great idea (and affordable) too! Thank you for sharing for all of us clueless non-moms out there! 🙂

  3. Genevieve says:

    Great list and super helpful! Wish I had this when some of my friends had their C-sections! I didn’t know what to bring!

  4. Great article with handy tips!

  5. This is a great list! I delivered vaginally but I would have still loved to have a longer charger cord and some wine 😉 Hahaha Kudos to you for speaking about c-section in a positive light though, that is rare these days when everyone has to judge each other.

  6. Glad to see you remembered the wine on your list! 🙂 A nice reference for those that have no idea what to bring a new mom. I didn’t have a C-section with either of my kids, but sure would have loved some meals and offers of help!

  7. AH! This is perfectly timely for me!! Thanks! I love the idea of a binder of menus and then cash to order from one of them!! 🙂

  8. Great list! Especially about the long Iphone cord…yes!!

  9. Will definitely be using your ideas in the future. 🙂

  10. This was a great post! Something I really never thought about when going to visit my friends with their new babies in the hospital or at home! I love the extra long charging cord! Such simple things that make a world of difference!

  11. So great! I also had an unexpected csection and wish I had this list to give out. An extra long iPad charger would’ve come in so handy!

  12. I never had a csection. But my sister did. I should have thought of this stuff! Great article.

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