July 9, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Wake up Happy Tomorrow


“What can I do today to make my life better tomorrow,” I like to ask myself before I go to bed. If you can take an extra 10 minutes before you go to bed tonight, I’ve got 5 easy things you can do to wake up feeling on top of your life tomorrow. Life with littles tends to start early (at least in my house) and the hours before bed are so quiet. It really makes sense to take care of as much as possible while the children are snoozing!


  1. Prepare for tomorrow. Set the breakfast table. Anything that doesn’t need to be in the fridge can be set the night before – think placemats, bowls, cutlery, cereal, and napkins. If you do sippy-cups in the morning, or if your kids are at the right age for it, you can pour their juice and leave it at a reachable level in the fridge. Put anything in the car that you can. Ideas? Library books, stroller, returns? Pack it up the night before. Give the car a little tidying up – I tend to leave Starbucks cups, water bottles and snack wrappers in the car so it’s nice to spend a few minutes getting it ready for the next day!
  2. Skip the late-night snacking. I tend to follow the don’t eat after 8pm rule. Eating healthy, nourishing foods before this time is a great way to end the day and will leave you feeling ready to start tomorrow in a healthy state of body and mind.
  3. Reflect on the day you had. Spend some time processing the highs and lows of the day, forgiving yourself and those you love, and working towards a better tomorrow. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to do this! Take some time for yourself to recharge. Whether you squeeze in some exercise, watch a favorite show, read your book or do a craft project, giving some time just for yourself is sure to recharge your batteries for tomorrow.
  4. Do one thing you’ve been putting off. It could be making a grocery list, printing something off, or hanging a picture. Small things and big things can weigh on us and it’s no good to drag chores on.
  5. Try a new beauty routine or take care of some self-maintenace.  Spending some time caring for your appearance will help you wake up in the morning feeling good about yourself.

I always wake up happier when I feel “on top of my life,” and that means spending a few minutes in preparation the night before, planning out my day, and taking care of myself and my home! How do you recharge to tackle the next day?

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  1. Doing one thing you’ve been putting off is fantastic! Nothing makes tomorrow start brighter and better than having one dreaded item already marked off of your to-do list. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Yes- reflection! So important to remind myself of all the wonderful things that happened that day. Trying to get in the habit of jotting them down- I hate to call it “journaling”, more like tid-bits!


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