August 17, 2016

Back to School with Duck Tape

Duck Tape

Today we created these easy and fun desk organizers with Duck Tape and upcycled granola bar boxes! So easy, so inexpensive, so happy and my boys were SO proud of their cool duck tape creations! Read on to find out about the fun project I did with my boys, then comment below for your chance to win your own Duck Tape to create your own fun project!

Both my preschoolers are starting at a new preschool program  in a couple weeks (eek!) and I’m starting to organize things for our new schedule. I have big plans to move a small table into my husband’s office for the boys to work quietly (we’ll see how that goes), and I want to make it a fun space for them. Today, we worked on a craft together to help them get excited about back to school! We went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few rolls of Duck Tape. There were so many different styles that it was hard to pick! Of course, I was drawn to  all the pretty florals but since my goal was to work with the boys, we went with Rubber Ducks, Cat Selfie, and Woodland Creatures.

Can we take a moment to LOL at this cute cat selfie print? Duck Tape has over 250 different patterns, you can check them all out right here.

I had a few boxes of granola bars in the pantry so I emptied the bars into a bin and we sat down at the table with the empty boxes and our Duck Tape rolls. The boys had fun helping to smooth out the tape, practice cutting with scissors, and rolling the tape around and around their boxes, then using the smaller accent colors to make them stand out. I’m the first to admit that our finished product isn’t perfect, but as you know, I’m a fan of letting kids get hands-on when it comes to creating!



Simply cover your cardboard box with your favorite Duck Tape and you will be shocked at how quick and easy it is to add panache and style to something that would have gotten tossed in the recycling bin!


  1. Let kids do as much hands-on stuff as possible! They might not put the tape quite as straight as you would, but it’s worth it to let them feel that sense of accomplishment. 
  2. Let them pick out their own patterns so they can really show their personality off on their project! There are over 250 different patterns to choose from, so there’s something for every kid! 
  3. Choose something simple – don’t overcomplicate things by adding in extra steps. Kids love a simple project! 
  4. Talk about the environmental benefits as you reduce, re-use, and recycle!

I promptly filled up their organizers with markers and later that afternoon they pulled them out to decorate paper airplanes. They love knowing that they created something all on their own like this! Thanks Duck Tape for the awesome ideas! Be sure to check out their Pinterest board, which is full of easy back to school craft projects, by clicking here!

Hey Mamas! It’s GIVEAWAY TIME! You can win 2 large rolls and 1 small roll of Duck Tape just by commenting below, which craft you plan to try from the Duck Tape Pinterest Board!  OR, visit the Duck Tape website here and let me know which pattern is your fav! Simply comment below to be entered. I’ll contact the winner by the email address you leave here. Winner will be announced on August 29th. Winning pattern may vary. Open to US Residents only. 





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  1. I don’t have any back to school kids, but still love these duct tape ideas.

  2. These are SOOO cool!1 I love how crafty and unique they are!

  3. Duck tape has come along way. Didn’t even know they had such a variety. Very nice.

  4. So much cool stuff you can do with duct tape! Fun!

  5. I love duct tape, and didnt know you could do so many things with it! It is great that they have so many patterns now! I think we would try covering a pencil holder (read: old can), as this is something that would be useful pencil crayon storage in our house!

    • Great idea! I was thinking of doing that originally but was scared there would be a sharp edge for my boys to somehow manage to hurt themselves (or each other!). I’m sure it would be totally safe through without preschoolers, LOL!

  6. My teen daughter (14) loves to use different duct tapes to create unique designs for her folders, boxes, etc. It’s amazing how Duct Tape has created so many different designs. It has really become a big trend now. Love your project!

  7. What a fun way to personalize something that gives others a chance to see your style and personality.

  8. Love these. So cute. And, the cat pattern!? Adorable!

  9. There’s so much you can do with duct tape!!! As a kid I always used it to deocrate my casts

  10. Just this morning the kids and I made drums with Tupperware and DUCT TAPE at our homeschool co-op! So fun. And now thanks to this post & Pinterest board I have million other things I want to make with duct tape:)

  11. I bought two large rolls of Duck tape to craft something with my kids, but never did. I love this idea!Now I’m inspired!

  12. It’s like you knew I was sitting at the computer finishing a box of cereal, thinking about organizing my homeschool supplies! I am totally going this!

  13. I love duct tape ideas. So cute and handy.


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