August 19, 2016

Personal Growth in Motherhood: 5 Simple Strategies


For the first few years of motherhood, it’s natural to find yourself so immersed in the daily routine of rearing children, that you might start to miss your old self. It’s easy to get into a rut – but so important to continue to grow as a person, outside of being a mom!  How do you focus on personal growth? Here are a few tips.

Personal Growth

And, since I spend the better part of my day with my 3 kids under age 5 (I can say that for one more week!), today’s post is brought to you by the letter L and the number 5.

  1. Learn: Take an online course or a local class. It can a one-morning workshop in woodworking, a weekly language course, or an online decorating class. Anything to get your mind spinning in a totally new direction! Learn something new.
  2. Listen: Listen to new tunes. Don’t get caught up listening to the same old musicians all the time! Something as simple as changing the soundtrack in your life can give you a refreshing perspective.  Download a new podcast or listen to an audio book. Catch up on the news while you take care of household chores. Buy a record player.
  3. Look: Change it up! Add something different and totally unexpected to your style to showcase a new look. It can be as simple as an of-the-moment scarf, some thrift store finds, a new type of earring or a new hair style. Your personal look is a reflection of who you are today. Of course, personal style can be the last thing on your mind when you have little ones, so keeping things basic is fine, but adding a little something that’s really you can be a fun way to showcase your unique style. If you don’t tend to express yourself through your own personal look (or even if you do), you can think of this one differently. What about just looking around you and absorbing your surroundings as a vehicle towards growth? From nature to architecture, art to mechanics, you can grow and change just by remembering to look at the world around you…and see where it takes you!
  4. Lead: Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Look for opportunities in unexpected places, advocate for change, get involved in a community! Start a group, create a buzz! Be a leader in your home, and in your community. Teach your children that trying new things and following your dreams is expected – for everyone in the family!
  5. Laugh: I’m a huge fan of laughter being the best medicine! Sometimes, you need to seek it out! Is there enough humor in your life? Instead of renting a movie or going to a concert, try watching some standup or going to see a comedian. Seek out friends who make you laugh; read a light-hearted comedy. Try laughing yoga.  Get out there and LOL!

Personal Growth in Motherhood

If these tips resonate with you, be sure to read my recent popular post outlining things that happy moms simply don’t give a $%7* about!  I would love to hear how you continue to grow personally while enjoying motherhood. 


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  1. Take a simple craft class to one college class at a time. Before you know it your will have a degree. Love all your ideas. I loved being a stay at home mom, but I never stopped learning and growing me.

  2. All great ideas for personal space and growth 👍 These are not just good for growth but essential to personal sanity 😂

  3. It can be all to easy to lose “yourself” as a mom! Thanks for sharing these tips.

  4. Great advice and I couldn’t agree more with laugh! It truly is medicine!

  5. I like this 5L’s strategy. Laughing is probably the most important to me right now. LOL 😉

  6. Between 2 kids and a full time job, it was easy to feel lost. Until I redefined my me-time. Now it is filled with bookclubs, new books, great food and blogging. Happier mom, happier kids (helps that mine are no longer babies!). Great tips!

  7. These are awesome tips and ideas! I find myself looking to try something new when I feel in a rut, and it’s hard to focus on something “just for me” as a newer mama. Thanks for the inspiration!


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