September 13, 2016

10 Lazy Mom Life Hacks 

Being a lazy mom is a fine art – it takes planning, consideration, and careful choices.  You can’t just roll over in bed in the morning and be lazy when you’re a mom – you need to plan out your “lazy time.” A lazy mom isn’t inherently lazy, but has dreamt of indulging in laziness due to lack of sleep, years of “pregnancy brain,” and general lack of time to her self. She therefore must find time where there is no time, create space in the day where there was no space before, and occasionally over-exert herself to make the next day come easier. Being lazy is difficult as a mother, because it’s truly an oxymoron – moms work so hard! But with planning and making it a priority, you too can enjoy the odd lazy moment.


1. Become a minimalist. Mo’ toys, mo problems. The less stuff you have to care for, the easier  your life will be! Purge seasonally, removing unwanted toys, clothing, and pantry items. Donate, sell, or toss!

2.Cook in Advance Cook enough meat to cover two meals. This is deceiving because while on the first day it certainly takes more effort, on the second day you get to be a lazy mom and serve up a delicious meal while barely lifting a finger. A great example is cooking twice the amount of chicken that you need, shredding half for tacos the next night and serving half

3. Pajama Parade If kids do evening swimming lessons, bring pajamas to change directly into afterwards. I love coming home from swimming lessons and the kids are already in their jammies!

4. Double make the beds so when there’s an accident you need only strip off one set. There is nothing like the feeling of stripping the bed at 3am to a perfectly made bed underneath. It’s almost worth it. Almost. A child’s bed should be made so it goes: wet mat, sheet, wet mat, sheet, duvet. No messy extra top sheets, either!

5. Delegate. Teach your kids to be responsible for their own shit. Say things like “Carry your own backpack,” and mean it! Don’t give in! The more they do, the less you do. Lazy mom wins again. Delegate chores to all members of the family.

6. Easy on the activities, Mama! Learn to say no. There’s no reason for a 4 year old to play multiple sports and learn 3 languages.  It’s good for kids to have downtime!

7. Dry shampoo. It’ll buy you at least another day. Two, if you’re confident!

8. Embrace Technology.  In all areas! Use your phone to set reminders and track your calendar. Let the kids play on age-appropriate iPad games every now and then. Take the time to program your favorite stations in the car and set-up monthly deliveries of products that you know you’ll reuse.  The power is out there to help organize you – you just need to embrace it. I really need to work on this –  I haven’t downloaded the photos off my phone in months!

9. Encourage Independent Play from infant-hood on! Children need to learn from a young age to entertain themselves. If a baby is laying happily, staring at a toy, don’t feel the need to go jingle it in front of their face! This will teach them as they grow into older babies, toddlerhood and preschoolers, they will learn that they are perfectly capable of playing independently. Leaving you to CHILL for minute here and there!

10. Lower Your Expectations. Every dinner doesn’t need to be Pinterest-worthy. Every weekend doesn’t need to be crammed with special, memorable activities. You don’t need to be fully done up to pick up the kids at school. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t be too hard on yourself, and never hold yourself to some standard that is impossible, or pointless, to ever meet!

BONUS: Try to get as much stuff done as possible with the kids, incorporating them in household chores, so when they are napping or sleeping you can really use that time to CHILL! Mamas need to relax! Learn to be lazy with your child, snuggling in bed, chatting, reading books – it doesn’t always have to be go-go-go! Lazy doesn’t have to be a negative thing, Mama!

How do you let your inner lazy mom shine?

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  1. Those all speak directly to me! haha!

  2. that’s funny. I think we all need a few hacks if we’re going to survive. haha.

  3. Preparing meals ahead is sooo helpful! It not only saves you time on cooking a few times a day but on doing the clean up afterward.

  4. Awesome .. Just loved this post

  5. I have got to learn how to master this!! Thanks for the great post !!

  6. Amen to being a minimalist and cooking ahead! I feel like we have tons of stuff as it is, but I know in reality my kids have WAY less toys then any of their friends!

  7. Yes, yes, yes…especially #9 and #10! In fact, that last one is pretty much my parenting modus operandi! It’s worked pretty well for 18 years. 😉 Thanks for being a voice of reason, mama!

  8. Great tips!!!!! 8, 8, and 10 are keys in this household.

  9. Awesome tips and very true! I always cook in advance! So convenient!

  10. What dry shampooing? I’ve heard of it but never quite understood what it is.

  11. I really love this post. I’m working on being more of a minimalist and delegating helps a lot! Great tips.

  12. This is a really terrific post. My apartment is too small….probably the smallest you have ever seen…honest. The minimalist is definitely the way to go, even if you have a large house. I shop for toys at yard sales or thrift stores. Then get rid of the older ones, AKA send them to grandma so she has toys when we visit. If it is truly toys that my daughter is too old for, we pass them on.

  13. Love this post! It’s so important to not try to live up to some crazy expectations…we’re not perfect 🙂 Love the minimalist idea…working on that one 🙂

  14. I’m all for these awesome lazy mom hacks. Because there’s too much to do and sometimes we just have to be in survival mode and let some stuff slide.

  15. I love all of these, especially the minimalist of toys. The phone reminder is my best friend and keeps me sane.

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