September 26, 2016

Happiness Roundup: 7 Feel Good Parenting Blog Posts

I’ve got some light reading for you, all centered around staying happy and positive in parenting. So pour a glass of wine, or coffee, depending on the hour, and delve into some feel-good reading that will remind you to keep an optimistic air when the days are long but the years are short.

7 Feel Good Parenting Blog Posts

1. Banish Mom Guilt

First, banish the mom guilt by reading this awesome post  entitled Banishing the Mom Guilt at Loving Living Lanister. We’ve all been there – I know I’m constantly feeling guilty about one thing or another!

2. Revise Your To Do List

Then, consider revising your To Do List with this sweet reminder from  Don’t Call me Supermom entitled My (Revised) To Do List for Today.  There’s always something that needs doing, so this is a wonderful reminder to be sure to stop and truly enjoy the little moments throughout the day!

3. Teach Our Children Positivity 

Next up, we are going to remember how to speak positively to our children, and review some helpful techniques on staying optimistic, in the article entitled How To Communicate Positive Messages To Our Kids from a fantastic guest post published on Happy Science MomI love the reminder to pause before reacting!

4. Take Care of Yourself

Have you been taking care of you? Read these reminders to remember to get all sorts of healthy fruit, veggies, water (and there’s even mention of chocolate!) Factors That Can Positively Impact Your Health presented by When we are well-nourished, we can definitely be happier parents! Plus, I’ll agree with anyone who says chocolate is good for me!

5 & 6: All About Alone Time

Don’t forget to implement alone time, reminds Boy Mom Blessed in her piece entitled How I Implement Alone Time in Six Different Ways. Getting that “me time” is so important, that you should also read this piece:, entitled Me Time,”  from the blog Silver Linings 

7. Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

Finally, finish off with my own 7 Things Happy Moms Don’t Give A  %&^* About , where we keep things light and remember that some things just aren’t worth worrying about!



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  1. Great group of helpful parenting posts. Thanks so much for including my blog.

  2. Truly delighted to be included with such great posts. Shared on my personal and website page. Thank you again

  3. Thank you for including my blog! I love these helpful tips, and will definitely tweak my lifestyle with them.

  4. This was such a refreshing post — I love tips about parenting from those who are in the trenches themselves!


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