September 30, 2016

How to Stay Trendy When You have Small Kids 

Have you ever felt like your little kids take up SO much of your brain power that you literally can’t even stay on top of what’s current? I hear ya! I honestly feel like I was under a rock for a couple of years! Trends are ever-changing in this modern world of ours, and things that seemed natural to me in my 20s (like knowing what song is hot right now) actually take a bit of concerted effort. Add kids to the mix, and staying on trend is  something that sometimes we just don’t have time for! And in the grand scheme of things, it’s not really that important. It’s not like life and death important. Or health important. Or even taxes important.

But sometimes…amidst the cheerios and the pouches and the dino rangers and the elmo and the onesies and the diapers and the bedtimes and the playtimes…Just sometimes…it’s kinda nice to feel on-trend.

Here are a few ways to do it:

Stay Trendy

1. Embrace minimalism. You don’t need to have an overflowing closet. Pick a few key pieces then work them like it’s nobody’s business.

2. Change accessories with the season. Grab a scarf with an in-the-moment pattern, rock a pair of trendy earrings, pick up a jacket that will feel trendy this season. You don’t need an entire new wardrobe every season! A few key pieces will bring you into the now.

3. Keep toys out of living space. Keep adult spaces adult. It’s hard to keep the toys at bay but having a truly adult area will make sure that you have your own space. I keep my bedroom completely toy free, and try to keep toys contained in the living room.

4. Subscribe to at least one magazine, blog or newsletter that is just about current fashions, whether it’s for the home or your personal style, or even something else totally un-kid-related. Kids can be all encompassing – it’s good for your mama-self to devote some time to reading something completely unrelated to little ones.

5. Find some comfortable shoes that still look good. You know heels aren’t all that practical when you’re running after little ones. I love my all mint Adidas sneaks, Toms, and Sperrys!

6. Listen to a radio station that plays current music! Don’t fall into the trap of listening to all kids music, or all music from your favorite high school mix tapes.

7. Add an unexpected accessory: A hat. A statement necklace. A killer jacket. All you need is one piece.

8. Learn how to tie a scarf. Here’s a tutorial.  You’ll look instantly put together, I promise.

9. Follow the news. I like the Buzzfeed News app for staying on top of what’s going on in the world.

10. Go straight to the source. Stay ahead of the trends, and instead of relying on what you see in the shops, follow the annual Pantone color of the year and know what colors are going to be hot every year!


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  1. Such great advice! Cute blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really great tips! I love listening to current music as sometimes I already forget to do that and I’m a young mama! LOL Also, keeping toys out of our main area is something I need to work on! Thanks for the tips!

  3. My first is due in December and I already feel like all my attention is on baby! I love this list, keeping it in the back of my mind for my momma days ahead!

  4. Great ideas! I love adding an accessory, like a scarf!

  5. Wish I had these there’s years ago when I let myself go. Learned all these just last year

  6. I have totally added the statement necklace in! I can wear a comfy shirt, comfy jeans, and look a bit more trendy with just a cute chunky necklace! Great tips!

  7. Loved this blog. The tips are great. As a blogging mom of a 20 month old, being trend slips my mind. Than you for the reminders!

  8. Rose Okeefe says:

    What a great post! I always thought the being a trendy mum had to be a bit of baby puke on the arm 😉 will definitely be trying out thesew tips as I so need a new autumn wardrobe!

  9. Love this – thanks for the tips. Although I do love KidzBop version of Hotline Bling…

  10. Love this! I’m a big fan on keeping kids toys out of the living spaces. They have the toy room for a reason!

  11. Love this! Also, I must tell you how much I love your logo & header. Very pretty!

  12. Great tips! Its so easy to fall into the “mom jeans” trap. But I totally agree with having a minimal about of stuff, and staying trendy with accessories!

  13. Trying not to just accept that I’m not cool, lol!

  14. LOL, oh man….I am SO far out of the fashion cycle it’s embarrassing! My hubby buys whatever cool things I own (like designer sandals and handbags.) Yeah, I should probably pay more attention rather than just perpetuating the stereotype of the homeschool mom who only wears pajamas 😀 😀 😀

  15. Great post! Hard to stay on trend when you’re trapped in yoga pants all day with toddlers :p

  16. Totally agree-key pieces can jaz up any outfit and keep you current. We keep music to what we like, modern-wise, and kid items are confined to designated kid areas

  17. Embrace minimalism…Love it, such an awesome tip!

  18. All great tips! I was able to stay on trend for a short time after my twins were born. But once they started running in different directions I lost track of all time and space. 😉 Happy to say I’m now back to being on trend. 🙂

  19. I love the scarf tip! It’s amazing how it can transform an outfit from ordinary to fabulous!

  20. Such great tips! I do keep my bedroom completely toy free, and try to listen to adult radio stations in the car, since TV is always cartoons. I’m also definitely working on embracing minimalism by cleaning out my closet this month. I can’t wait to get rid of all the excess stuff.

  21. Oh my goodness, I did the subscription thing with 3 of my fave magazines. Unfortunately, they are still waiting to be read… from June. I’m going to have to use your other tips. I want to keep a part of my self, even though I’m consumed by raising the kids. Your post is very necessary for that.

  22. I love these tips! It is so easy to get stuck in a rut. Thank you for the reminder that having kids doesn’t mean that you have to live like one. 😄

  23. If this is not on point than I don’t know what is! I think my biggest traps as a new mom is feeling like I still need to buy a new wardrobe for the season and feeling bum when I realize I can’t afford it. I also am guilty of reminiscing on music before pregnancy. I use to be the girl that was always ahead in the music scene so it’s really foreign to me not being in the loop anymore.

  24. Great tips! Thanks… I love the adult space idea…. so many times the kids toy TAKE OVER EVRYTHING!!!!!!

  25. Very helpful tips! This is very important to mothers with kids, thanks for sharing…

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