September 6, 2016

Parenting with Time: The One Word That Will Change Your Parenting

What if I told you there was one word that you can add to your parenting vocabulary that could change the way you talk to your kids and help make you a happier parent? Well, listen up, Mamas, because I’m about to do just that! It’s not a parenting revolution. I won’t pretend it’s life changing. It’s so easy to implement that it takes literally zero brain power. It won’t change your life. But it might make a few minutes of the day a teeny bit easier! And if you’re like me, any simple strategy that might make the day run a little more smoothly is worth trying.

Parenting with Time

The trick is to add the word “time,” to any directive you want your children to follow. Asking your child to do some coloring, now turns into “art-time,” creating a structure to the day that’s simple for a young child to follow.

Here are a few examples:

Mom A: I’d really like you to come and have a little something to eat now. 
Mom B: It’s snack time!
Mom A: Why don’t you go read your books for a little while.
Mom B: It’s reading time! 
Mom A: What a mess! Let’s take a few minutes to tidy up. 
Mom B: It’s clean-up time! 

Remove the Wiggle Room:

See what we’re doing here? We are removing the question from the equation. We are removing ourselves from the equation as well – it’s no longer something you’re asking your child to do, it’s a broader statement that gives the impression that there’s less wiggle room.

Allow Child to Decide:

Kids are happiest when they have a say in how things are going to go. You can still give your child a hand in the decision making process. For example, after declaring that it is “playtime,” you might ask your child if he or she wants to play in her room or in the playroom. This is giving them freedom to decide, within a set of clear boundaries.

Implement a Routine:

There’s routine in things that end in “-time” – think bedtime, dinnertime. So what about implementing “reading time” before bed, “outdoor time” after lunch, or “Have a little playtime before we go upstairs.”

Parenting With Time

Don’t you just love learning a new strategy that can make life a little easier! Next time you’re asking your kids to do something, try this simple technique and let me know how it goes!











And don’t forget to take a little ME-time!

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  1. All I can say is that this post is beautiful and simple. Time means everything to a child as long as it is valuable to both the parent and child. Some people have time for their child, but do not make good use of the time to teach and play with their child. When you have the time and quality to match, it makes for a good parent/child relationship.

  2. Never thought about it that way. Although just time together is most important. Our kids what remember the stuff we bought them, but the time we spent together.

  3. Yep. I like that it is the parent who is deciding what is happening but you can still use the lower of choice within what you’ve decided is going to happen. Great tip!

  4. Love this! Never thought of the way I am wording requests, but it is so important! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lila Hope-Simpson says:

    Such a wise Mama! Well spoken…. so simple and clear.

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