September 27, 2016

Smile-Worthy Together Moments with Goldfish (Free Goldfish Fall Tree Printable!)

I’ve come to realize that spending special moments together need to be squeezed in. I don’t always have time to plan a special hike to a nearby nature reserve. Our family doesn’t always have the hours to take off for a whole day together.

Sometimes, the most special moments are when the kids and I get home from running errands, and I get them in the wagon or on their bikes for some fresh air. We wander down the street – I love the fall because there are so many fun things to talk about on our neighborhood walks. A few ideas:

-Look for signs of fall

-Catch the neighbors putting out the first pumpkins of the season,

-Count the colors captured on the trees on your street.

-Look for  and collect interesting leaves, acorns, and sticks

-Watch for animals doing fall activities, such as gathering nuts, or flying south

-Work on crafts inspired by the colors of the season.

It was just the other day that I realized that the fall colors are also captured perfectly in one of our favorite snacks, Goldfish Crackers! I made an adorable printable activity that you can download here. CLICK HERE TO PRINT

Perfect morning – head out with the kids looking at the changing leaves, then come home for a yummy snack and activity (a snacktivity, as I like to call it!). This is perfect for kids aged 4+ who are learning sight words or starting to read!


Goldfish Fall Printable

Goldfish Fall Printable.png

My kids are crazy about Goldfish crackers, and they’ve got quite an impressive list of credentials!

Always Baked with 100% Real Cheese, they have no artificial flavors or preservatives. Colors are sources from plants (how awesome is that?), and the Whole Grain Cheddar option as 12 grams of whole grains per serving! 

The folks at Goldfish have a fun and exciting sweepstakes/giveaway going on – be sure to check it out hereVisit the campaign landing page to get inspired and learn how to enter the Goldfish Tales promotion.

Thanks, Goldfish, for inspiring our family to get outdoors, spend some fun time together, and do a fun craft with a yummy snack!

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