September 26, 2016

Snacks for Toddlers: Becoming a “Yes Mom,” with Gerber

I’m always on the lookout for nutritious and delicious snacks for my little ones (especially snacks not made with genetically engineered (GM) ingredients), so when I saw that Gerber had come out with these new Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM I had to try them out!

Have you ever felt like all you say is “No!?” Lately, I’m trying to be a “Yes Mom!” Yes, you can play outside. Yes, you can stay up and play for a few more minutes. Yes, I’ll read one more story.


And YES, you can have this nutritious snack!

Here are some things you can easily say yes to today:



YES I’ll help you with that.

YES I’ll work with you.

YES You can have just one more. 

YES I’ll watch you again! 

YES You can have fruit with your dinner.

YES You can stay up for a few more minutes.

YES I’ll read you another story. 

YES Let’s cuddle for just a few more minutes

YES You can have a delicious snack

My kids are always asking for snacks! I’ve tried cutting them out entirely and that lasted for about half a day. Instead, I’m into making sure that snacks pack a powerful punch. Thanks to easy, healthy snacks like Gerber® Lil’ Beanies, I don’t mind saying YES to these!  I try to provide at least two food groups for each snack.

On your next Target run (#targetrun) be sure to pick up some Lil’ Beanies (you can find them in the baby food section!), and take advantage of this awesome Ibotta offer.


Made from the goodness of navy beans and naturally flavored, Lil’ BeaniesTM is a child-approved snack option not made with genetically engineered (GM) ingredients. With no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, it’s a snack that will have you and your little one wanting more. Made from the goodness of navy beans, Lil’ BeaniesTM has 2 grams of protein (9% Daily Value) and 1 gram of fiber per serving. Also, Lil’ BeaniesTM is baked, not made with genetically engineered (GM) ingredients, naturally flavored and has a taste toddlers love!

There is currently an iBotta offer live for Lil’ Beanies

(Buy 1, Get $1). Click here to claim it! 


Please note: the offer may be exhausted at some point while the campaign is live.

Thank you to Gerber for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try their new Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM Snack! Happiest Mama ONLY promotes products that our family legit loves!


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  1. Lila Hope-Simpson says:

    Great pics and healthy snacks!

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