December 24, 2016

15 Thoughts Every Mom has When Watching Home Alone


  1. Why did I think that neighbor guy was so old and scary?  He looks like a totally normal father. He would actually clean up pretty nice.
  2. OK, seriously? How did they not notice that their 8 year old wasn’t with them? At least with current TSA regulations this would never happen!
  3. Language! Language!
  4. Um. Is that Playboy? Why am I letting my kids watch this?
  5. But how much are all those flights home gonna cost? Why did the whole family come back?
  6. I wonder what his parents do though. They seem to be swimming in cash.
  7. Wow. That mom isn’t winning any mom of the year awards.
  8. OMG parenting before cell phones must have been ROUGH!
  9. Aw. Hi John Candy. I vaguely remember you.
  10. OK seriously though, they didn’t have a friend they could call to go pick up the kid?
  11. Man. What happened to Macaulay Culkin anyway?
  12. Aw. This is like a love reunion scene between a mother and a son.
  13. Ew. I’m never letting my kid have a tarantula as a pet.
  14. Seriously. How did people live without phones?
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