5 Wedding Gift Ideas

Send wedding gifts to congratulate the couple to start their life together is one of the joys of life. Generally, the wedding present could include items that can be used for wedding ceremonies, receptions, bridal shower or new households. The gift shop that couples can appreciate for years to come is also a wise choice. This article provides 10 wedding gift ideas that will be welcomed by the bride.
1. wedding gifts basket
You can send your prayers with elegant wedding gift basket filled with delicious food and items that can be used for celebrations. White basket beautifully decorated with white flowers and birds love Branco, and contains a bottle of sparkling apple cider, two glasses of champagne, photo frames, candles and decorated for two.
 2. Wedding Time capsule
The new couple will fill a time capsule with memories of this wedding day wedding,honeymoon, and first year with them. They will open a time capsule special birthdayyears now and share the joy of this special day. This 25-piece gift set includes the message envelope and in the future, as a guide to time capsule, a list of items to collect, the message to the paper write the future, profile books for brides to fill out and160 full color adhesive acid free. Also include a disposable camera to capture memories, a frame for Your favourite snap shot, and cake candles. This is a wonderful gift for capturing the joy of their wedding.
3. wax units:
Read also 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Unity candle lighting is a popular addition to the traditional marriage ceremony. Unity candle ceremony uses two wax cone with a large pillar candle (Unity Candle) in the Center. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, one representative from each family (usually the mother of the bride) to light the candles of the cone. Later in theceremony (or at the front desk), the bride uses two candles to illuminate the cone along a large pillar candles. Lighting the candles symbolizing the unity of the Union of two individuals, it becomes one in the compromise.
You can output quality of the unit‘s heritage candle set including hand-printed, hand polished unit wax and wax units stand with matching cone candles for wedding ceremony. The wax can be adjusted with the first names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.
 4. Wedding Gift box
This Paisley white and gold gift box filled with shower, wedding shower kits, disposable cameras, wedding bells candle, bottle of champagne, candles and wedding shower treats. Congratulate a bride to be with shipping this thoughtful and delicious.
5. Spa gift basket:
For a bridal shower, you can send a spa gift basket for the bride-to-be to help you relax for a great show. In this flower box covered with butterflies, he will find a revitalizing body lotion, shower gel and bath fizzies, aromatherapy candles column, finger nail brush and silk, hand and face towels, and pillow relax he will also find a pair of ultra soft slippers. Store reusable containers for storing photos and cosmetics. Send this wonderful gift to relieve stress.