Clasifications the Style of Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

Fresh water pearls, characterized by enchanting and mysterious elegance attracted many women looking for beauty and fashion. It is becoming increasingly popular with fashion profitable on its own. In ancient times, Pearl Jewelry used to be luxury items caused by the women of the Royal family, and is now a daily newspaper article the modern avant-garde fashions jaegers in modern times. Offers Pearl ornament, women look graceful and beautiful with elegance combines with the appropriate series.

According to Your individual physical characteristics such as the figure of your own face and shape and advanced women’s wear, You can choose different types of beaded necklaces. There are so many types of beaded necklaces. Depending on the style, long beaded necklaces can be classified as follows:

1) Necklace style

Some of the pearls brought near the neck, with the elegant and opulent elegance of the Victorian era. The style of this necklace is perfect for boat V-shaped necklace, necklace and wearing a formal evening.

2) short collar

Long necklace beaded wires one door is approximately 40 mm, which is the most practical choice of the classic and most popular for women. Style necklace beads can fit gracefully any classic and elegant evening or cocktail dresses as well as all styles of collar.

3) Princess style

It refers to beaded necklaces around 45-48 long. Princess-style necklace is especially suitable for high-collar dresses, and necklaces can be put on the ornaments of the suspension or other options to make the direction of flow of the movement.

4) Martini style

Long necklaces made of this model was about 50-58 mm. Martini-style Bead Necklace carefully can combine all causal or professional series.

5) Opera Style

This style of pasta beads measures about 70-80 mm long. The necklace is made of the Opera style can also combine all gown high collar. Can combine with another double row dress Necklace Bead panjang-pendek to highlight a beautiful effect

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6) Cable style

Long beaded necklace model exceeded 110 mm. consumers can use any style bead necklaces in different ways. Long beads and graceful style is generally considered to be their favorite famous designers of the world. Beaded rope style necklace is very flexible to use, and you can change how a little squeeze the paste to present various forms of necklaces for your beauty.

7) ornate style

This bead necklaces made of beads 8 mm, 6-7 mm granules and beads 5 mm. This brings around the neck with 5-1 rounds, which serves the sense of romantic, ornate and elegant.

8) necklace Dress

Dress the necklace made of long or short a few lines necklace beads, usually with a clap. You can combine all the formal gown, gives a sense of quality, graceful and elegant.