History of Honda Bike

Honda Motor, two-wheeled automotive company Department, began production in 1955. Currently the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan, India, the second-largest manufacturer of motor two-wheeled vehicle.


Honda Moto has a range of two-wheel; Includes scooters, motorcycles, suburban sports motorcycles and high-performance oriented bike.


Honda India entered the market in 1999. Honda’s first scooter is on track to be launched. Honda is the first unisex scooter Variomatic in the country. Scooter is not onlycalled for the fairer sex, but also for the male population. Once active, the Honda Dio and timeless was launched in rapid succession. The first step on a Honda motorcycle segment is with Honda Unicorn.


After a long-term partnership with groups of heroes, Honda decided to end the agreement and launched their own products in India. The Honda range extending to 110 cc 100 cc segment with a series of dreams that helped them reach the figure. Read also Honda CBR500R


Shine series bike crowned already selling 125 cc Bike in the world. Honda CB shinewas launched in 2006 and have been ergo TEC design. Claimed to be one of the most successful bike this company, not only in India, but in the global front.


Trigger Honda CB, 1 150 cc Bikes, suburban launched in 2013 to replace the unicornhiss. Honda CB trigger has an attractive appearance, good mileage points and goodbraking action.


CBF Stuner is justa base level bike from Honda’s India. Motorcycles have become part of the Honda line for many years and is best viewed 125 cc bike in India.


The series was launched by Honda dream motor primarily to attract tourists from the city. Their motorcycle dreams dream very Neo Yuga is popular among tourists India because of their low prices and quality built. Honda CD 110 Honda dream is the cheapest available in India.


The current product portfolio includes many motorcycling importation of VFR 1200 F CBR 1000 RR, CB 1000 R, CBR 250 R. If you are willing to disburse the money, there is a Honda CBR 150, available for Rs. 1.20 lakh and Honda CBR 250r is available at a price of Rs 1.65 lakhs. Honda CBR 150 R back 45 kmpl of mileage on the road andin the city of 32 Kmpl fuel efficient engines.


Honda Motorcycle and scooter India has three manufacturing plants in India. The first motorcycle factory in India located in Maner, Haryana. The second motorcycle factory Tapukara industrial area located in Rajasthan. A third motorcycle plant in India is located in Narsapura, Karnataka.