May 27, 2016

Social Media Happiness

People often ask me how I grew my Facebook page, so successfully. Content, of course, is Queen! I post often, and I post great quality content that I know my happy mamas will appreciate! With some luck and lots of perseverance, my page has been growing steadily.

There is a little-known way to attract more followers on Facebook. Have you ever had a post grow in popularity, so people outside of your network were “liking” it? I’m going to tell you how you can see who liked your post, and how to invite them to like your page. They have already proven that they appreciate your samplings, so invite them for a full meal!

Step 1: Click on the popular post that’s making the neighborhood go crazy.

Step 2: Click where it says “Liked by Joe Smith and 47 others”

Step 3: You will now see a list of the names of people who loved what you had to say so much that they “liked” it. Next to each name you’ll see a box that either says “Liked” if they are already a fan of your page, or “Invite,” if they do not yet officially like your page. Click “Invite.” The person will now receive an invitation to like your page!

That was easy! What a simple and effective way to invite individuals who have already expressed an affinity for your content, to your page!

Tip: You can go back to older posts that were popular outside of your network and invite people from there, but you may find that if you invite too many people at once Facebook will give you a notification to wait until tomorrow to continue.

If you have found this helpful, please like and comment below! Want more simple tips? Sign up for email updates and follow my blog! Thanks for dropping by! Now head over to and like my page – or I’ll have to invite you later! ; )

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