Some to Consider to Choose Wedding Cake

wedding cake
Traditionally, the wedding cake has to be white cake with white frosting laminated. Today, almost everything happens! Today there are hundreds of cakes you can choose in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. You can order customized cakes combine your own unique tastes and almost all of the designs and the taste of the Sun.


When you are ready to start looking for the perfect wedding cake, this is the basis to consider:


Size and shape: the size of the cake will depend on the number of guests you expect. If you plan to save some cookies for guests unable to attend, keep in mind that while determining the right number of people. Traditional forms and the always popular round or square. However, currently you can use your imagination and choose from a variety of unique shape for your cake. Keep in mind that the cake round or square will probably serve more guests and quickly and easily cut.


Design: Baker creative will help you design the cake of your own. Unlimited choice. Look through magazines and wedding cake Baker photo samples to find a cake that dazzles you. Modern cakes can be decorated to combine the bridal lace pattern dress or even flowers in Your bouquet. Specific theme of your wedding can be used to design the cake around this theme. Just realize the most complicated cakes, the more expensive it will be.


Taste: if it’s important that Your cakes appealing to your senses, visual, more important than taste moist and delicious! Contemporary cake comes in a number of varieties of delicious chocolate or vanilla, wasteful carrots, cheese, banana, fruit or mousse. If you are tempted by a different flavor, you can have multiple-cake flavored with different levels in different flavors.
Ice crust: the icing on the cake is the traditional white or ivory. A more contemporary approach will combine Your ice crust to your wedding colors. Everything runs from the ice crust of dark brown, pale pastels or shiny color.