5 Easy Steps to Decorate a Cake

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to turn their cake into a spectacular masterpiece. But this can be difficult especially if one does not practice the way to decorate a cake.

However, decorating a cake can be very simple. Here are some simple tips on decorating cakes that will guide you to decorate a cake.

1. Select the right type of cake for the occasion and the person

The type of cake says a lot about the occasion. The fruit cake is very traditional for Christmas, but many children do not eat it, so probably not the best choice for a birthday party for children.

The sponge cakes are very light and do not take much weight in the frosting – a very thin light glacier is the best.

A butter-based cake is a good choice for practice.

2. Decide on your design

This is probably the most difficult phase – design your cake decoration. Depending on the occasion, it can be very simple, with watering. For a child’s birthday, you might want something a little more complex like a face of superheroes, a teddy bear or a castle.

Everyday items such as biscuits and lollies can be used for walls and wheels. The frost makes excellent water and the coconut can double as snow.

Be creative in how to achieve your look.

3. Visit your local grocery store

There are many items ready to use in your local supermarket that can help you decorate your cake quickly and easily.

So take the time to browse the cakes section – near the kitchen products. There are many ready-to-use objects, including different colors and types of icing, 100 and 1000 waterings, star-shaped shapes and dinosaurs – of different colors, caches (edible balls) , icing figurines and even an edible slippery gel on the cake.

Then cross the alley of the utensil. Here you will find different types of cake boxes (round, bread, deep ring, heart, teddy bear, cake, muffins and mini-muffins to name a few) in the aisle of the utensil, which adds a quick and easy interest to your cake decoration.

And finally, in the party supplies will be candles and other party favors that you could use for your theme.

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4. Decide on the type of glazing to decorate your cake

After deciding what type of cake you are going to cook (or buy), and your theme, it’s time to choose the right type of icing and icing to use when deciding Your cake. Do not choose a difficult or complex frosting or icing technique to decorate your first cake.

Your cake decoration will also influence the type of glaze you will need.

The Vienna cream or butter – easy to make with powdered sugar, butter and water, you can use this frosting if you are looking for a glazing that fills the gaps and covers all the bumps. It has a similar appearance to a whipped cream and it can be finished in peaks or smoothed. It is easy to make the flavor and color. Available in typical flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and lemon. You can then decorate with icing on top, or varied asparagus, etc.

Sparkling Glaze – Similar to butter cream, this glaze contains egg whites for gloss and lightness. It is created by beating in a mixer or an electric mixer. The icing should be used the day you plan to serve your cake because it gets a bit crunchy at times and loses its sparkle.

Sugar paste, it can be bought with the help of cake decoration suppliers or your supermarket. It can be manufactured at home, but it is difficult to make a pure white and will not hold as long as om ommercial Cproduct. This gelhardens, so it’s awesome for the biggest decorations that get up.

Royal Glaze – Generally used for wedding cakes and Christmas cakes, it is very heavy and solid. Generally deployed and placed on the cake. Decorations can be cut and molded in different shapes (eg Flowers).

Chocolate or Ganache Glaze – Generally made with chocolate and melted cream, or condensed milk poured onto the cake to untangle the sides.

Ice Glazing – often used on carrot cakes leaving a beaten surface

5. Plan your cake decoration

Usually, the cake receives a global layer of glaze and the decorations are placed on top. If you need more than one color at this stage, make sure to leave each set before placing the next one to avoid bleeding.

Make the first decorative pieces so that they have time to adapt.

Make a paper / cut pattern to see how good everything is.

Garnish the biscuits or lollies in advance, ready to be assembled.

Follow these simple steps of decorating cakes so that your masterpiece will save you time and stress.