The Learjet 6o Review

Learjet 60
Looking for a medium-sized business jets that still was selected as one of the best in its category? Do you want to go where you’re going quickly, in time and in style?So Jet jet 60 is for you. This plan may be smaller than the full-size jet you’re used to, but it has the largest cabin in your classroom, and most powerful machines with bigger aircraft than its predecessor you, 55 jet. More aerodynamic, this beautiful aircraft have seats for six with a maximum of up to ten seats, and allows them to passengers who sit a lot of space which they need, i.e. on a space margin, feet and elbows are all important.


Cabin dimensions 17.5 x 5.5 feet feet x 5.7 feet, which gives enough room to do things on the road. Folding table, radio telephones and fax machines make it easier to get last minute work done or putting the finishing touches on this presentation. Comfortable seats that can be configured to suit your needs in addition to the work environment on flights and allows you to do a Conference. If your flight destination to relax, Jet 60 allows, with a microwave and a coffee maker are available to you as you lean and take in an environment of silence and silent that the jet You to your destination. Large luggage space and the closed sink adds a characteristic of the cabin. Read also Learjet 35


60 jet can skyrocket high level cruise, up as high as 43 000 feet less than fourteen minutes. It also has a high-speed cruise ship to carry where you should be in no time.The hotel has various continents 2 590 nautical miles which means you can go nearly anywhere, anytime without the need for refueling stops. Best of all, it is the private jet for you to avoid the heavy line and safety screening large and busy Airport, you have ground transportation is waiting for you to your destination and you can fly inyour programming, not big operators.


For convenience, ease of movement and comfort, your next business jet jet should be 60? If you are in the market to buy your own plane or simply to rent an important business conference or for a meet and greet with new customers, this jet is better in class.