Why You Should Choose Yamaha Scooters As Your New Ride

In 1955, the Japanese company called Yamaha Motors Company began producing Yamaha scooters. The vehicles were then brought to the United States in 1960. Initially, the company’s scooters were only visible in the movies during the period. And because of this popularity, the company has begun to produce excellent examples of ingeniery.

Throughout the years, the company has worked well for the sole reason of refining its products according to the desires of the final customers who will use the scooters. Primarily, Yamaha has succeeded in achieving this goal by creating models that are both light and capable of meeting customer expectations. In the 1970s alone, the two Yamaha models that were widely ridden were the Yamaha 125cc and the Yamaha 250cc. The public was still unaware that the company was starting to produce a beautiful model that was a four-stroke 650cc and soon called XS-1.

Nowadays, Yamaha has a wide range of bicycles and scooters that covers all types and sizes. Models range from a 50 cc scooter to the famous Virago 249cc and up to Stratoliner 113ci or 1854cc. In addition, the V-4 Royal Star Venture is another famous model, which is the only Yamaha 1147cc or 70ci. Even though it has a smooth ride that can be compared to that of a Jaguar, it has a liquid cooled engine that puts a sound like a roar.

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If you want to buy the biggest models of Yamaha, you need to be prepared with serious money. The company cruisers and touring bikes start with $ 15,000. This price already includes accessories and customizations that can easily cost $ 20,000 or more. Fortunately, if you have a well-maintained Yamaha, you can keep its value for so many years. Even if you own a Yamaha, this can be compared to that of Harley-Davidsons. Today, older models of Yamaha are sold more compared to the new ones.

But if you are planning to get a scooter manufactured by the company, they are in fact very economical. You can even buy a new scooter for only $ 2,000. But if you prefer high-end scooters manufactured by Yamaha, you can spend about $ 8,000 to $ 9,000. However, these high-end models have bells and whistles. In addition, they contain larger engines that allow them to be very ingenious in urban cities. There are also other models that you can choose from in the wide range of Yamaha scooters available in the market.